Feedback sought on RAGLD high level designs for components and services

The RAGLD project team have produced some high level designs for tools and services which we presented at a workshop at HCC (Hampshire County Council) in April. A version of the presentation that we gave can be seen here. The purpose of the presentation was to get some feedback on the designs with relation to the linked data trials that are being planned at HCC.

We were also interested in finding out more about the linked data trials from a requirements point of view, as the stakeholders of the trial who attended the workshop were from various departments within HCC,  other Local Authorities, ONS (Office of National Statistics) and DCLG (Department of Communities and Local Government).

As a part of our project plan to iterate between components and services designs and potential users, further consultations are planned with other organisations that are currently engaged in linked data activities. Meanwhile development of the RAGLD tools and services is ongoing.

Questionnaire Analysis Completed

The questionnaires that we received by close of play in January have now been analysed.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to fill them in and provide such detailed and informative responses.

A brief summary of the findings will be posted on this website here.

The results have already been instrumental in guiding the design phase of the project, and have given us valuable pointers as to what tools and services would be of most assistance to developers and policy makers using linked data.

The next phase of the user requirements analysis will be to conduct interviews with key players in the world of digital data to explore further the challenges met by organisations or projects in using linked data. We would also like to obtain feedback on the first stage of high-level tool and service designs that have emerged from the results of the questionnaires and the combined experience of the project team.