RAGLD at AGI 2012

RAGLD will be hosting a hands-on workshop at AGI GeoCommunity ’12 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham (Sept 18-20).

The workshop will provide an introduction to linked data, and will give people the chance to get to know more about RAGLD tools and services. There will be a practical demonstration of a simple RAGLD-based application, which will show how developers might use the toolkit to combine information from multiple linked data sources.

AGI GeoCommunity is the largest and most comprehensive independent conference in the UK digital mapping and geospatial calendar, attracting delegates from Central and Local Government, Utilities, Health, Emergency Services and many other sectors. The RAGLD workshop will explain the potential of linked data, and the need for tools to work with it, to delegates from the broadest range of industries.

As always, we will be welcoming comments and feedback, and look forward to posting up some results from these discussions.