Workflow management

Enactment engine

The means to extract data for the RAGLD services from other services.

In order to be able to manage sites based around RAGLD services, the data for the services needs to be extracted from other services and then built.  Compound services may also be offered.
The scripts to achieve this should be manageable, editable and possible to run at will.
This workflow style activity is sometimes called an enactment engine.

Display components and services available, invocating sequence of services

We are building a complex set of services, that need to be managed from many points of view. This component gives the user a web view that enables them to observe and manage the installation of RAGLD and its components, to means to configure them, deciding where the data comes from and goes to, what services should be used, error or success feedback for processes, feedback on progress of a process, identification of computational hot spots…)
File/resource management

Interacts with the dashboard

RAGLD is essentially moving data between services, stores and files, transforming it as it goes.
This means that the user of a RAGLD installation needs the system to keep track of where the data is, what versions there are, and, possibly in this component, what the relationships are (although this may go in the enactment engine or somewhere else).