Geometrical relationships

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Geometrical relationships

When building applications that deal with multiple sources of data there is often a need to find relationships between the data sources. Often this occurs when geographical data sources are merged.
Example use cases would be:
  • Which areas are contained within / touch / overlap with another given area?
  • Is this point within any other spatial area?
  • What is within this area of interest that I have defined?
  • Can I generalise a larger area from these smaller?
Spatial query services
as an application of theĀ  Relationship management service

  • Enhancement of sameAs type service to manage other kinds of relationship
    containment / touches / overlaps / etc
  • Proximity / near to (on what scale?)
  • Some relationships may be asymmetric (small place near large place, but not other way)
  • Bounding box is a particular issue in SPARQL stores, which often don’t index literals efficiently and make things very slow
  • Consider additional bounding box service?
  • Could be extension to Linked Data API or in similar style if using that